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Bleach Het Pairings, Poll in Japan

Scroll down for the poll and then on the next page of the forum there are links to other polls.

Het Pairings Poll Japan

I found the results surprising. I've noticed that bleach_fact   doesn't pick up my entries when they're shipping related XD so I'll consider the delicacy of this situation and not comment on the poll.

In other news, I lost 14 pages of a document yesterday but was able to rewrite it! *pumps arms, runs around all proud* I like my story, but it's dripping with authorial intent that will be lost on people, and is sure to make some het fans and/or some yaoi fans mad at me. XD  Eh, I got to play with my favorite pairings: Aizen/Gin, IshiHime, and Ulqui/Ishi... and even threw in UlquiOri just because.


I love that, actually. I don't want Grimmjow to soften up. The way he lifted Hime up by the collar was great. So much for the rescuing knight people saw in chapt 272.

Two dead girls--one disintegrated and one kicked to death but still a whole body. Time to test Orihime's ability to heal, eh? Betcha she can bring the kicked up one back and the disintegrated one... BACK TOO! (hey, she brought back Grimmy's arm that was zapped by Tousen!)

Ichigo goes Shirosaki and on a rampage.

Ishida has a tough time with glasses guy  who will either reveal a strange connection to the Quincy (like in my story! XD) or Zael will be easily disposed of with Renji's bankai at the final moment.

Still think that Chad and Rukia may heal themselves--based on Chad's "I am home among my people" remark and Ichigo's pointing out Rukia's "weird" ability to heal quickly while in SS. These guys have a sensitivity to spiritrons.... EVERYONE'S going Quincy in Bleach! New trend.

Wonder if Hime will get rid of that unflattering black eye on her own face.

Thank you hidden_gems   for catching all my dropped words lately and proofing a manuscript last night.
I just scored as being HALIBEL (haha) at http://aizens-army.deviantart.com/
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