riolulz (riolulz) wrote in bleachness,

If You don't like spoilers and theories Don't read this!

Just saying Hii as I am new to this community, though I am not new to Bleach! I hope this sort of post is allowed!  If you dont like THEORIES OR SPOILERS DONT CLICK!!!

So as many of you know, Sarugaki gets chopped in half in the latest chapter. Leaving many to think she will die or will be healed by Orihime soon. Well I can (hopefully) prove one theory with THIS


Going to be released in February. So I am guessing she will not die, since I don't think they'd make a figure of a dead character, though it is possible as this is not sold proof.

But Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to getting to know many of you here :)
Tags: hiyori
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