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discussion post episode 240

I just finnished the last episode,. I have to admit once again that the Zanpakutoh is indeed  fascinating...

What's happening Byakuya?

Attention spoilers ahead !!!

There is so much things to talk about, I don't even where to start!!!

Muramasa is still a mystery, and  even though he intrigues me ( a lot), Byakuya's behaviour is what I want to talk about.
HAlfway through the Ep, I was already speculating on whether or not Byakuya  had traded place with Senbonzakura  in order to spy on Muramasa - assuming that Senbonzakura had Byakuya's face under that Mask (it's the only thing that came to my mind as an explaination for his freeing Haineko and Tobiume...)

Then, there was the Fight Senbonzakura VS Ichigo ( I nearly died when the mask partly broke-  my brain went "ohyeahohyeahohyeah" unfortunately, the mask never broke entirely, a shame really
- he's so Byakuya under that mask!)

.AND THEN, Byakuya comes back from Wherever he was to attack , not Muramasa and Senbonzakura , but Ichigo (Byakuya? What's going on? You are a Walking Rulebook for God's sake! You couldn't save your sister from an executin but you can help an enemy???)

My guess on Byakuya, is that he is so oppressed by those rules and the elders of the Kuchiki family that it didn't take much for Muramasa to sway him - or he have a really good reason...  Muramasa asked him what Byakuya's deepest desire were, right? Wouldn't it to not abide obey the rules/rebel at least once? 

What do you all thinks? 

Oh, and Toushiro in Hyourimaru's arms is so adorably cute... 

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