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Fade to Black - English Subs & Discussion

It's another Fade to Black post! But probably the last one you'll see me do, because ENGLISH SUBS ARE OUT BY DATTEBAYO.

Dattebyao apparently changed how they're subbing Bleach from now on, so might want to read their announcement post.

I took the liberty of collecting every single scrap of FTB merchandise that either I or other people did, and I posted them at ichi_ruki (HERE). If people want to go find goodies for the movie, they... really should all be there, including links to screencaps, ripped trailers, OP & ED animation (creditless)... etc.

This post is open for people to discuss their thoughts on Fade to Black, if they so wish. Discuss anything in that vein, comments, reactions, whatever.

Random observations.

* The reason everyone forgets Ichigo is because the SS people all know him through Rukia, and they forget Rukia.... but it never occurs to him to wonder why Urahara still knows him. GJ, Ichigo.
* Kon never forgets Rukia, Ichigo forgets her for a few minutes. They are the only people to properly remember Rukia throughout the entire film. Renji gets hazy flashbacks, but still can't properly identify her by the end.
* Hisana was almost playful in Byakuya's memories, the way she kept saying, "Byakuya-sama! Byakuya-sama!" Well, playful until she started coughing herself to death.
* Rukia has the loneliest bedroom in existence at the Kuchiki manor. NOTHING IN THERE. EXCEPT A DESK. WITH A CHAPPY CARVING.
* Mayuri is almost adorable when he's got amnesia.
* Without his memories, Urahara hasn't seen Byakuya in such a long time, he didn't initially recognize him.
* The 6th division apparently practices using zanpakuto for traveling. SENBONZAKURA WARP TUNNEL & Zabimaru the RIDE. It's like Bleachland.
* Ichigo can't decipher Rukia's letter until he remembers her. Then he does it instantly.
* There are no humans in this movie at all, other than Ichigo. He leaves directly to Urahara's and then to SS without ever thinking of or contacting his friends.
* Where the hell did Yachiru go while Kenpachi was frozen by white goo? She certainly comes back quickly.
* Shuuhei is at Rangiku's back in their one fight scene in the movie. Thought that was funny, given his crush on her.
* I never realized before how much like Superman Hitsugaya is. He can fly around and freeze things (though not with his breath).
* Yamamoto is apparently incapable, in the anime-verse, of slow, reasoned rationalizing.

In regards to the last scene, which Kubo specifically discussed in interview having planned himself with the director:
* Reincarnation is a very real theme in Bleach, and one Kubo will address more in the future, I'm positive now.
* The data card for the movie hints - and really not that subtly - that Ichigo and Rukia know each other from past lives.

I don't actually have a ship analysis myself, other than squeeing my head off. However, someone named Likos64 was much more coherent than me, and I've been pimping her post because I think it was really well written.

IchiRuki analysis of Fade to Black by Likos64.

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