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Handy list of all taichou & fukutaichou and respective zanpakutous - FREE FOR DOWNLOAD

Hello everyone,

we all know the case when you are not so sure about the correct spelling of a character's name in the heat of the moment. I personally have such moments in the middle of writing fanfic and simply put, it is a pain to stop and look up the correct spelling. (also because I tend to not just look the name up but start to read and then one click on a link leads to another and so on... lol What? I have a thirst for knowledge, I am not easily distracted at all...)

Thus I have created a handy little list which compiled all taichous' and the fukutaichous' (both present and past) and their respective zanpakutous' names. It is one page-only, something which I considered important, so that the list is 'handy' in the true sense. There are after all already character compilations to be found online, but they either consist of too many/too little detail or are simply too long to be really useful for a quick print out.

I have uploaded the list at zoho.com. It's a webware platform which offers you MSOffice-alike programs for free. Thankfully they had a publishing feature as well. :)

You can find the list here: 


You don't need to log in nor register. You can also choose the format for your download (doc, text, html, etc) and you can even leave comments. Which are very welcome. :) 

For any suggestions/additions, in case I have overseen something or left someone out, please feel free to leave me a comment here.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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