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Fade to Black Kubo illustration and message

I'm so excited. When I read on 2ch yesterday all about the goodies that were coming in the FTB Limited Edition, it felt like early Hanukah--a notebook, giant poster, notes that Kubo had reportedly put "all his soul" into. This morning I got notice from amazonjp that my copy was in the mail and that was a surprise--they weren't supposed to ship it to me until November because I'd ordered it with the manga calendar to save shipping! Oh well, they'll probably charge my credit card extra, but I don't care. I'm in a celebratory mood. Some Japanese fans have gotten their copies already, so Annie gave me the Kubo sketch this morning and Dian translated Kubo's message.

Message from Kubo and illustration of Rukia in Fade To Black Limited Edition package:

劇場版3.“Fade to Black”です。今回は「原点回帰」という事で、一護とルキアを 軸にした物語になりました。“名前”というものの持つ“絆”や“力”の物語というと、 本編では剣八、やちるの回想あたりがそうでしょうか。一護が初めて月牙天衝を 使うあたりも近いテーマで、この“名前”というものはBLEACHととても関わりの 深いテーマだと思っています。物語の核となる姉と弟の名前も、収録直前まで 悩んだ末、結局一番最初にフッと浮かんだ名前に戻りました。 そんなところもまた、“名前”の持つ力なのかも知れません。 絵柄は寝そべっているルキア(下描きにコピックで色塗りしたもの)と手書き文字

Translation by sketchbaka:

Here is 3rd movie, "Fade to Black" This time the theme was 'revolution of origin' so it became a tale with Ichigo and Rukia as the axis.
About the story that holds the 'bond' and 'strength' of 'name', in the manga it's around the flashback of Kenpachi and Yachiru, I wonder? Also around when Ichigo was able to use Zangetsu for the first time, the theme is similar. I think that this thing called 'name' does have a deep connection with BLEACH.
I was troubled to choose the names of the sibling that became the core of the story until just before the recording. But at the end I chose those names that first came out in my mind. Maybe that also is the power that 'name' holds.


Screencaps out already from ooAABBoo at IchiRuki FC at BA
. The Chinese sub is out and it won't be long for the English one, folks! Weeeee!
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