_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

376 Spoilers

Nja posted at 2ch and the spoiler discussion is underway at Bleach Asylum.

I have two questions.

Wasn't Mashiro able to hold onto her mask for HOURS? And what's this ending--is she.... dead? o.o  Oh Kensei, you're so awesome. Other than that, good for Harribel making a stand against Aizen. Her and Barry.

Is it terrible that I'm still rooting for the bad guys? Even if Mashiro's dead, I'm still a little excited about Wonder standing up and putting on a show and showing us that the Arrancar can still DO IT.

Chapter feels like merciless filler. Interesting  but merciless teasing... KUBO-SENSEI HOW COULD YOU TAKE AWAY OUR ATTENTION FROM AIZEN JUST AS HE'S ABOUT TO CONFRONT EVERYONE?

I guess I love it. But I hate it too.

eta: answer to my own second question: Mashiro was hit with a cero. She'll be fine.

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