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An IchiHime shipping attempt: Fail

Here are 13 simple reasons for why IchiHime wins and IchiRuki fails.  I found these posted by one IchiHime fan on YouTube and decided to respond for the sake of LoLs.

Disclaimer: The reasons are copied and pasted. I purposely did not correct the spelling mistakes.

I am not an IchiRuki shipper. But, I ship UlquiHime.

1.rukia has known renji forever and theve sorta had sum chemistry

Rukia also has chemistry with Ichigo. They are on the first name basis, which indicates a level of intimacy in the Japanese culture. They constantly bicker, which is one of the most commonly used premises for romantic relationships in shoujo/romance manga. Hell, even shonen manga has romance WITH bickering. Example: Inuyasha, DN Angel. The fact that she has chemistry with one, does not negate her chemistry with another.

2.renji loves rukia and rukia realy likes renji

Perhaps Renji loves Rukia. There is no evidence in manga that Rukia is romantically interested in Renji.

3.renji saved rukia and they grew up together so their more likely to be together

Ichigo saved Tatsuki, and they grew up together. So, by your logic they are likely to be together...?

4.ichigo and rukia arnt like a couple

I am not even going to dignify this with a proper response.

5.ichigo and rukia are more like a disfunctional family then a couple

Are you also gonna argue that they act like cousins because Rukia calls Ichigo's dad "uncle"? 

6.ichigo and rukia are more like brother and sister

So, are you saying that every couple that bickers are like brother and sister? Have I mentioned that bickering = potential romance?

7.ichigo loves orihime now

Yes, sparky. His love is very evident when he turns into a hollow and sends her flying on her face, or when he tells her that she is not "that fat", with her rear centimeters away from his face. You're an expert at romance.

8.orihime has already told ichigo she loves him

And Ichigo never told her that he loves her back. Are we supposed to assume that Orihime's feelings are more important than Ichigo's? Grats, you just gave her yet another get-out-of-trouble card. With so many excuses, Orihime doesn't even need to be on the show.

9.rukia never told ichigo she loves him and ichigo never sed that to her

So are you saying that people can't love each other unless they verbally confess? No, seriously....you didn't just say that, did you?

10.ichigo got so close to be killed by ulquiorra several times and he kept coming to save orihime

Ichigo got very close to being killed by Kenpachi, Byakuya, Renji, The entire Soul Society wanted a piece of him. Yet, he never gave up on saving Rukia. By your logic, he loves Rukia.....oh wait....you're trying to prove that he loves Orihime. Silly, me!

11.even when ichigos hollow took over in the fight with ulqui it only wanted to save orihime becuase that was all ichigo cared about

Checking.....checking.......he tried to save her by......kicking her so she landed on her face.......he stabbed Ishida in his gut....you know, the good guy Ishida who is his friend.    Apparently, "saving"  to you means something other than what it does in the realm of normal.

12.ichigo and orihime make a better couple then ichigo and rukia

Through a dependency complex and unleashing inner horrors on their friends? Not to mention the whole business of aesthetic appeal, where they look like siblings by having the same hair color of different shades of orange.

13.i know u people think that since rukia was i think the first soul reaper he met that was a girl they would be a couple

No, we don't think it for that reason. We believe it because Kubo gave a lot of clues of IchiRuki in the manga. You know....the actual evidence....a term alien to you.

I don't think a final commentary is necessary. Everything is pretty self explanatory.



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