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more spoilers (now with pix) for the infinitely curious

69 posted more spoiler info on 2ch for this week's chapter and Cez translated. Have to say, I'm loving this week's title HARD.

Originally Posted by 69
69るま ◆KENseIuXK2 :2009/09/15(火) 19:20:33 ID:LHy/60Mx0
The spoilers Nja posted are already enough...

The title is Gray Wolf, Red Blood, Black clothing, White Bone

Seems like Shunsui used Monster of Shadow to hide in Stark's shadow, and he reappeared after he stabbed Stark.

影を踏むと中に入れるのかわからないけど、享楽がそのあと影に刀を突き刺すと突き刺した分だけ スタークの影 から刀の形をした影飛び出してた。
Don't know if he entered the shadow by stepping on it or something, Shunsui was only shown stabbing Stark from the shadow, as in the shape of his sword came shooting out from the shadow.

艶鬼は口にした色以外は斬れない。ただし、自分にとってリスクの高い色ほど与える傷が大きくな る。
Monster of color will not cut places other than the stated color. However, you can deal a large wound if you use a color that has a high risk for yourself.

By a high-risk color, it means something like the color your clothes are made of.

Then Stark turned into a double sword wielder...or so it seems to me.

69るま ◆KENseIuXK2 :2009/09/15(火) 19:31:37 ID:LHy/60Mx0
二刀流は刀といっても弾倉から霊子?をだしてつくった感じで幽々白書の桑原のあの刀みたいなや つ
By double sword, it's something like Reishi coming out of the gun point. Something like Kuwabara's sword from Yu Yu Hakusho.
This wasn't in the spoiler for the flashback. Stark said something like "Because they were with us, the ones who were our allies had their souls thinned out and disappeared". (TN: This is just a theory but somehow by Stark/Lili's presence alone, they kill off the weaker ones surrounding them, at least that's how this phrase sounded to me)

thanks to Zangetsu for the pix

I'm going to temporarily rejoice because I've seen people squirt tons more blood in Bleach and survive and I want my omake with sake, dammit! STARRRRRRRRRK! SHUNSUI! YOU MENS WITH CHEEKBONES!

LOL, LB7-sensei was predicting that Lilynette might be the original form and manifest as something totally badass and it occurred to me that Starrk WOULD be the invention of a little Hollow girl, wouldn't he be--like, her fantasy man? He certainly is mine. Oh just wrap him up with a side order of Shunsui and some Ukitake and mmmm, sexy older guys with their wicked ways (oh and Ukitake with his free candy). This. Is. Bleach.

The other pictures are HERE at BA

Starrk: Everyone who group that were friends, just by being with us, their souls whittled away and disappeared. Because we were lonely, we separated into two.

Which one of us was the original? or possibly neither of us were the original? As a way to escape the loneliness, that was the only way.

We were jealous of the weak. If we were weaker, we could have as many in a pack as we liked. We want to become weak. [insert cute panel of Starrk and Lilynette] If that's impossible, then companions who were of the same strength as I-

more commentary about the translation at lennan's BA post here

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