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Happy Monday! Spoiler thread be kicking at BA and Nez has your goodies over there!

IT. WAS. SHUNSHUI!!!!!!!! Oh boys, you cut that out, you two. Backstabbing isn't honorable. Get drunk together and go hit on some women!


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Cez was right! Translation is interesting!

Originally Posted by Nja @ 2ch
んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/09/14(月) 19:46:02 ID:5Vqg01x90
んでは 刺したのは京楽スタークの影から出てくる
The one who stabbed was Kyouraku and he came out from Stark's shadow.

僕の能力は 童(こども)の遊びを現実にする能力
"My ability is to turn a child's play into reality"

影鬼なら影を踏まれたら負け 高鬼なら高いほうが勝ち~負ければ死勝てば生~
If you're the shadow-monster, you lose if your shadow gets stepped on.
If you're the tall-monster, you win by being the taller one. You die if you lose and live if you win. (TN: I think this refers to some traditional Japanese children's games)

According to the naming of the sword, once you go into that area, you have no choice but to play by the rules.

The rules and way to play is decided by the sword itself, and it's a chore to be pushed around by it~

斬りあいが始まり イロ鬼 灰色 と京楽がスタークに攻撃
The duel is starting,
"Iroki, haiiro" (Monster of color, gray) Kyouraku says and attacks Stark.

スターク  切り落とされたような感覚だったがそんな傷じゃないな・・・
      俺の切られた場所は灰色・・・ しばらく悩み

Stark: "Somehow even when i feel I've been cut down, I don't see that kind of wound...
The part where I was cut is gray... a bit of a worry

京楽 おいおいどうしたんだい?君の番だよ色を指定して攻撃するんだ~
Kyouraku: Oi oi what are you doing? It's your turn, you have to give a color to attack

スターク (あいつには灰色が無い・・・)イロ鬼 白 
Stark: (He doesn't have anything gray...) Monster of color, white.

Kyouraku's expression changed and on his back was a splash-shaped wound and a tremendous amount of blood is sprayed out.

京洛 くそ 折角ルールをちょっとづつおしえて行こうと思ったんだけど
   そう自分自身も大ダメージを食らうが攻撃に転ずる際も, 弱点をいって攻撃すれば相手に特大のダメージを与えられる
   もうわかっちゃたのか・・・  だからあんたは やりづら!!  
Kyouraku: Shit. After all the pain of thinking about trying to explain the rules a bit at a time.
To think about what will instead be a large damage to yourself and turn it to an attack. And you can give your opponent a large blow by aiming for the weakness.
You already understood it...This is why you're a pain in the ass!!

(TN: Essentially to name the color you have on yourself, and do the damage to the opponent. This is why Stark was able to damage Shunsui badly by naming "white")
スターク お互い様だ!!

Stark: Right back at you!! (Why do I have to fight someone this strong?)

弱いやつが羨ましい 俺の周りに居たやつはすぐに骸になってしまう
弱いやつは羨ましい 群れの中で生きていける

Stark's flashback
I envy the weak ones. The ones around me will soon become corpses.
Because of the loneliess, I have split my soul into two, I've already forgotten which one of us is the original.
I envy the weak ones. They are able to live in groups.
If someone as strong as me joined as my comrade...

Stark cut across the Happi (Kyouraku's captain coat) that was thrown at him.

全身黒装束になった京楽が イロ鬼 黒!
Kyouraku is now all in black. "Monster of color, Black!"

Stark got cut open everywhere.


んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/09/14(月) 20:45:20 ID:5Vqg01x90
気がします 左手の方はまた別な能力なんですかね~?

Nja doesn't know if it's shikai or bankai, and there's no change in the shape of the sword.
It's just that when Shunsui was talking and pointing with his sword, he was using his right hand.
It's worth noting that maybe the sword on his left hand has other abilities?
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