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Reminder: Birthday Bash Fanart and Fic Contests Deadline Nov. 6

Just a reminder! You have a nice two months to work on your entries for the bleach Birthday Bash contests this year. This year you have to have an LJ account or be a member of bleachness to participate. If you won't be in town or near a computer on the one day to submit entries (Nov. 6) you may forward your entry to me early and I will post it for you that day.

The Limited Edition of the Fade to Black DVD including all as-yet-to-be-announced goodies, the speshul nekky!Rukia and angsty!Ichigo cover and interviews with director Abe and Kubo Tite. This baby will run you about 9000 yen or 100 USD with shipping from Japan and here I am giving it away as a prize pick because I know some of you really want it. I preordered it to support Perriot and Kubo.

I can't tell but it looks like this year's manga calendar has a peel-off clear page with the numbers?
That's cool. You can keep the art for posters and scanning. I hear that there are 12 pics this year instead of the usua six.

A friend of mine got me some cozy all-cotton t-shirts with "my" Ishida Tanabata pic from Kubo-sensei (the color page of Ishida last July) on them so I thought it would be cool to put stuff on sleep shirts for prizes. I have one with a winner of last year's art contest--a really adorable Ishime bysketchbaka and another with a coloring by khyata .

There will also be a few doujinshi up for grabs. I have duplicates of three IshiHime doujins but that's not all--I'll also have a couple hentai Orihime, a RenRuki, and a few yaoi doujin to choose from if you're a prize winner. Here are my Ishida and Orihime plushies by pheleon reading some doujin about themselves. Pheleon is also making another plushie for the contest this year that will also be available as a prize--SEAWEED AMBASSADOR. You can see her skills from my plushies. Now tell me you don't want to cuddle up at night with a blob of Byakuya-inspired seaweed!

Lots and LOTS of little prizes to choose from if we have more entrants and winners!

Ishida’s Birthday! Deb’s Birthday! Fanfic Contest! Fanart Contest!

It’s a tradition now!

Bleachness Birthdays Winners 2008

Winners 2007

See the dorky flier I made under the cut and start thinking about your submissions because you have two months until Ishida’s birthday, November 6, 2009. Remember, you will only be posting your entries ON THAT DAY, NOV. 6. The prizes are damn good this year *dangles them* so I want fandom to work it baby work it. Do it for your love of chotzkies if not for your mad love of Ishida and debbiechan!


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