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Ship Manifesto Polls and Fanwork recs

Vote for your Bleach OTPs and/or OT3s!

New ship_manifesto polls! UraYoru goes up in this one.

NnoiNel and UlquiHime are in the race (not against each other!) in this do-over round

IshiHime goes AGAINST the OT3 IchiRukiRen in
this one!

Here are some fanworks I've loved this week. The first is a lovely IchiRuki fanart in Kubo-sensei's style by pikeish called "Let's Play":

I love DaRkCoUnTeSsB's Orihime. This one is all about the boobs while being artful, not ecchi, and isn't Hime just a vessel of love? :

cacodaemonia is one of my fave Bleach artists and she finally drew Ishida! I love the expression on his face here. And the pic has such a twinkle-twinkle in the eyes and soul first date mood. I'm all shiny eyes over it myself:
Ishida and OC

I read some good stuff this week too.Daaaaaark fics by the talented sickletongue at bleachedblackk .
The prompts are scary (Neha, quoting T.S. ELIOT, requested IchiThing doing Ishida while reluctant Orihime watched :o) but the results are living poems.

Read the pretty darkness here

Going to a more traditional sort of story-telling, here's promising new serial by the ever-entertaining adam_epp —the first chapter HAS me by the soul chain. HAVE to read this. I rec highly.

The first chapter of Adam's fic is here

(Adam's description:
Title: Long Way to Goodbye
Rating: The much beloved T, where characters may swear and possess sexuality, but not so much that I will be banned for posting this.
Summary: Rukia and Ichigo disappeared and, although she tries, Karin has no idea what happened to them. Did Ichigo abandon everyone or did he and Rukia die?
Genre: I wouldn't peg any single genre on this. It has a mix of mystery, drama, comedy and (very) minor romance).

In short, my Bleach week can be summarized by saying the anime production values went down but my love for Renji was at full tilt (I loves the RenRuki), the manga has me frightened because I don't want Starrk's puppies in peril and if Kubo-sensei hurts those puppies, I will cry. I don't want to see Love and Rose torn limb from limb either but ... KUBO, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME THIS WAY? Because I love it so.

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