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Szayel Aporro's Devilish Scheme: Radio Broadcast

Doushiyo, doushiyo, doushiyo? D:

Orikasa Fumiko (Rukia) appear on Toriumi Kousuke (Szayel Aporro = Pink) anime-manga-music radio show that ran exactly 4 years straight before it ended early in 2009. This segment was from December 14, 2007 before he appear on Bleach on December 19, 2007 (5 Days apart) in Episode 153: "The Devilish Research! Szayel Aporro's Plan". Toriumi in one of the Bleach CM where they showed Rukia fighting Kaien, was Rukia being his first experiment, leewaying back to this Radio Show. One big joke on Toriumi himself.

Orikasa talks about her character Rukia from Bleach; also Urahara XD!, and character song. It moved his heart...

Download: Shukan! Anitama Kinyoubi Guest: Orikasa Fumiko
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