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The Sexy in Bleach

It's a sexy shounen. The sexiest one I'm reading now--even after there was that naked BL teasy scene in Naruto. My friend Mrs. Urahara used to say that she was certain that Kubo-san had been involved in the porn industry in a previous life, but I always said it's just beautiful Japan that's so pervy and Kubo darling is one of the perviest.

The sexiest thing about Bleach is that nearly every character is dripping with gorgeousness.

The usual sex humor and big boobs aside, where's all the insinuated "adult" sexiness in this made-for-kiddies story? I have to admit that I fell over in delight when I heard Rukia say--upon returning to Ichigo's home and planning to stay in his closet again--that she'd brought a "massager.(oh did I laugh and laugh) The lesbian inferences, overt in lots of Japanese manga, are too many to count for me--from Soi Fong's crush on Yoruichi to the famous, very innocent bathtub scene with Orihime and Matsumoto (ever get the feeling that he placed all that girly talk in a nekky scene so the boy readers wouldn't be bored?)

I'd always thought that there was this eroticized Ds going on with Mayuri and Ishida--all Mayuri's questions in their confrontation seemed to have a sexual undertone, and then when Ishida confronted Ms. Dominatrix with the whip--well, I was sure that Kubo-san liked to torture Ishida that way. In both scenes Ishida's asked "did it huuuuurt?" XD XD 

Yumchika is referred to as a "pervert" by Ganju at some point, and seeing as Yumi is so friendly with Ikkaku, I saw a butch-femme thing going on. Kubo, however, is light on the BL, methinks, and he doesn't fanservice in that dept. Imagine how disappointed I was when after the whole harem-thing going on in Hueco Mundo, Kubo gave Aizen some lolli door-keepers and every Espada a little girlie assistant. The lolli thing makes me twitch a little, but I have to admit that Stark's girlie was the sexy-sexy. The BL is there if you want to dig it up--the combinations of Ishida-Chad-Ichigo, but the Arrancar were where I saw the most dark and voluptuous bad ole kinky man-sex sex--you see that with villains, I suppose. Perversion just adds to their evil ness

It's mostly a matter of interpretation and reading the fine pen marks, but I think some of the erotic connotations in Bleach are waaay too obvious. Where do YOU see them?
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