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I hope it is allowed. /sigh

I'm sorry if you're already sick and tired of all the IchiBya stuff I'm spamming you with, but. I am desperate.
As much as I sometimes find a decent fanart, it is damn hard to find a fic that stands on a certain level. That being said, I have a... proposition. I'd gladly trade drawing you a fanart for writing me a fic.

Now, how will that work?

I don't want a drabble. I want a nice one-shot that doesn't resemble a receipt by length. For writing me a couple with, let's say, at least 3000 words count, I'll draw you a fullbody CG fanart of two charas with the background. For an OT3, 3000 words count, there's a fullbody CG fanart of three charas with the bg. For those who don't know what to expect, here's a list with my drawings. I know they're nothing fancy and great, but I try...

I'm so desperate I'd even draw Ishida, towards whom I just feel an untamed aversion. D:

Anyway! Five prompts in which you can choose! If the prompt is claimed (given someone would be interested in the first place OTL;;; ), don't worry, you can have the same one! :)

(Though I doubt there will be so many willing people, I'll take 10 trades. It's 10 full pics to draw, it's damn much.)

I usually draw my request quick, but I'll post a fanart once I see the fic being written. I hope it's a nice deal...?

1. Pairing: IchiBya, that order
Rating: any
Genre: angst
About: Ichigo and Byakuya cope with the war and fighting in the center of the battlefield. Early war times, no character death please.

2. Pairing: IchiBya, that order
Rating: M
Genre: romance
About: pure smut. Byakuya's first time with a man and also his first time after the calibacy lasting almost 60 years.

3. Pairing: IchiBya, that order
Rating: any
Genre: romance
About: pure fluff. Some sweetness please. Boys go on a date to some summer Japanese festival or watch movies together or just chill on some flowery field. Whatever, really. Your pick, just make it cute.

4. Pairing: RenBya, that order
Rating: any
Genre: AU. humour or romance, your pick
About: Byakuya's an actor. Renji's a journalist and a satirist. Their ways of doing things clash. Terribly.

5. Pairing: RenIchiBya, that order
Rating: any
Genre: any
About: anything. Just make it good. I don't care. Just please give me something with my OT3.

...So, anyone? Please? Shamelessly fishing for any offers. OTL;;; I'm so hopeless.
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