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Anime ep 234 "Renji Surprised! The Two Zabimarus."

available subbed for viewing here


Shirosaki! *swoon*

Renji: "Sorry, I've never been involved with any hairy women." ROTFLMAO.

That is all. Talk amongst yourselves.

lol, Alice, you posted just after me but I got your words:

There is probably a better link out there, but this is what I have available to me at the moment.

This filler is becoming progressively more interesting. Muramasa continues his chat with Ichigo. He reveals that he has killed his wielder/shinigami and considers himself to be free. The discussion seems to only continue long enough for Muramasa to decide he would rather talk to Shirozaki.

In the meantime . . .

Ukitake and Kyouraku are having a little chat about their being screwed -- they, of course, remain completely cool and composed. Uohana comes into the conversation and shares that Mayuri has determined the zanpaktou are now completely separate from their shinigami. She also reveals that she allowed Mayuri to examine her, which puts off both Ukitake and Kyouraku (exactly what is it that everyone expects Mayuri to have been able to do to Captain Unohaha??? o.o)

Different shinigami are searching for their respective zanpaktou. Shuhei and Renji are lucky enough to encounter them. Shuhei's Kazeshini comes in as a whirlwind, killing the two shinigami Shuhei was taking to at the moment. (How apropos for a zanpaktou named "Death Wind"). Shuehi seems to recognize him from the wounds he inflicted on two other shinigami. They fight, of course, Kazeshini strongly implying that his instinct is to reap lives and that Shuhei is no longer able to keep that in check.

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