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More on Rukia's Sexy FTB Pose and Bleach's 8th Anniversary

No spoilers yet so shall we continue discussing such crucial matters as Rukia's pantyline in the FTB DVD illustration? I believe we have confirmation now of a Brazilian and the most revealing pose ever from a Bleach character in official merchandising. Curious, because Kubo-sensei has kept Rukia covered, albeit sexy, throughout the manga, and always demure like in the two swimsuit spreads but ...

Originally Posted by sketchbaka at the BA IchiRuki FC:

Btw there's a colored version here -->
and if you click on 劇場 you can see how the packaging would be for limited edition.

And then our own dear perverted karenai made this 300% blow up in this post here and I've apparently lost a bet because I really DID NOT believe Rukia was showing that much skin. I'm still not convinced the whole to-do isn't an illusion of flesh-colored obi-shadow.

This week marks the 8th anniversary of Bleach the manga. I expected a cover and spread but neither are announced. Do expect a word or two from Kubo, though. EIGHT YEARS. Can you believe? Bleach is a little older than my daugher who's already lost most of her baby teeth and knows how to cuss in three languages. How far have we come since a little Shinigami walked into Kurosaki Ichigo's bedroom? We all know that's Shinji on far right of the title page and some discarded, never used character on the left and I wonder how much of Bleach was already there, like DNA, eight years ago, and what's really new. I do know that I appreciated the character development in this story, even as the attention given to so many characters has slowed down the plot, and I've always marveled at the growth of Kubo's art. Some prefer his early style, some his SS style but I love how he's drawing now--where you have to look at close-up objects once, twice, and then maybe turn the page back to look at them again because that abstract motion is later zoomed away from and shown to be Shinji twirling his hat on his finger in gleeful anticipation and there's a sense of a pendulum swinging as well. Orihime's face seen through Ulquiorra's dying eyes isn't at all the Orihime Kubo usually draws--her face is more oval shaped, mature, beatific.  The art has glorious poetry for me and I love Bleach more than ever. How about you?

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