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IchiRuki Fanservice Ahoy!

Well, well, my Fade to Black DVD Limited Edition has been on order for a while and I was expecting goodies but I'm afraid I can't put this poster of Ichigo and Rukia up anywhere in my home where I've got nice, religious people dropping by to visit and a prepubescent son (this might kick him over early) but maybe this illustration of Rukia (by animation designer Kudo) will get my husband interested in Bleach. (thank you to melodymix who brought us this image from an advertisement for the DVD)


Yeah, I looked twice, three times, more than that and what appears to be Rukia's un-pantied pantyline (as drawn by Kubo in this spread) may just be that little bit of cloth that covering up her hip area but still ... yes, we're all waiting to see the pic in color, but for sure there's a DEFINITE outline of Rukia's breasts.

The fandom response has been pretty much along the lines of what Annie found here by IL Mondo:

Wanna talk about FANSERVICE?

Seems that the Powers that Be in merchandising know what the public wants, but Shounen Jump and manga-ka have always been fanservicey--they're not exactly known for their deep, philosophical and delicate overviews of life. Boobs, blood, and some simple moral instruction for boys. We're talking BLEACH here, not Kino's Journey. Then again, we all love to go on about how Kubo is a poet and a master of characterization. That doesn't mean he's immune to fanservicing. Recently, I read a comment that said that it insulted Kubo to say he wasn't catering to the large UlquiHime crowd by drawing The Ash chapter (353) and I was wondering today over at BA about all the attention Hisagi has been given in the recent year--is it due to his audience appeal? I'm one of the few girls in the universe who wasn't wowed by his sexy character design but I've fallen in love with the character the more we've gotten to know about him. I loves me a little fanservice. No one's going to tell me that last summer's Beauty is So Solitary didn't give a nod to the hugest yaoi pairing fandom in Japan. And speaking only for myself of course, I appreciate the fact that guys' shirts mysteriously blow away for the slightest reason in Bleach--or if the shirt won't come off, Kenpachi tears it off himself and tosses it away. Yeah, what's fandom without a little servicing? Still, that FtB DVD poster made my eyeballs buldge. Bold, I say. Pretty damn bold.

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