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Bleach 271 Spoiler

Kurt Vonnegut is dead, the animation in 121 sucked, it's raining so I can't walk to the store for soymilk, people snap at me on the internet, and there is no joy in Mudville. And then, there's a confirmation of Bleach 271. Oh my Ulquiorra, oh my white-bellied baby, my arrancar muffin midget of meanness. Some fanbois rejoice and some mourn. But it's true:

Ulquiorra is Espada Number 4. Awwwww, he's not the primera Espada (but we all know he's Aizen's favorite, right?) His name is Ulquiorra Schiffer (which still cracks me up... really, I can't stop laughing). And there is a good side to all this---apparently he is unharmed by Ichigo's blast and shows a little skin. I love it when nuclear strength forces hit these guys and immediately their shirts rip off.

Ah, well, one reason to wait for the raw.

But Ichigo gets "Rukia-ed" as one guy on NF put it--Ulqui stabs him in the gut with his hand.Is this what it will take to stir Shirosaki?????

Bleach Forums is down but here's the chapter translated from Naruto forums.

You Rise From the Ashes

I don't have the energy to make a post about eroticism in Bleach. Yeah, what else, go figure. That's what I was going to do before my blood sugar crashed and the world with it. Ichigo was ugly and fat in episode 121 and the "look" scene was ruined--not only on Ichigo's part, but there was not half of the emotion in Orihime that there was on that famous manga page.

Anyone, start a post. Didn't one of you want to talk about what each of them really fight for?
I'm avoiding my sexy Ulquiorra story.

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