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Ishida for Debbie by metaphore_art and IshiHime art by enychan

I have the best friends ever in all fandom. I mean it. You people are awesome and so kind to me when life is dragging me around like a cat toy and I'll never forget it. Let's see, just a few little things this week--the first best news was that my husband kept his job in the philosophy department of his university during the worst budget cut upheavals our state has ever seen, but also mitigating my anxiety were IshiHime doujin and green tea noodles from Thailand (thank you Annie!) Japanese curry from France (thank you Syn!), prettily wrapped Japanese manga from California (thank you Mar! Did you know the shopping bag said ISHIDA? Is like that the name of the bookstore where they sell them or what? HAHA) and now look what Jenni's gone and drawn for me. Now, metaphore_art  is very protective of her work and you're not going to see much of her fanart displayed outside her private journal so I will personally pull out the hair of anyone who tries to steal this piece. Jenni was really sweet to let me share it here.

Ain't he handsome?  Can you guess what panel she based him off?


Oh my. I had barely finished typing up this entry when another art came in my box from another dear friend, la_kalaka  aka la kalaka on DA.
This is my late birthday present/Tanabata gift and isn't it lovely? I'M ALL VERKLEMPT! <3

Tags: fanart, ishida, ishihime, metaphore_art
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