vesperh (vesperh) wrote in bleachness,

Reading Between the Lines, part 2

Another installment of a crack!fic speculating on what Bleach characters do between chapters.

Reading Between the Lines, part 2

Rating: G shading to PG for the mention of nudity and ladies' undergarments.

Disclaimer: The settings and characters of Bleach belong to Kubo Tite and his publishers.

Summary: Chad, Renji, Yammy, and Rukia while away the time in Hueco Mundo.

A/N: Find the first installment here.

See enychan

With kind regards to  girls_are_weird and nehalenia , who first requested a second installment, and with a shout-out to enychan  for illustrating the previous installment. You may blame her for Charlotte Coolhorn.

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