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Dear ardent shippers,
I ask the impossible. I ask that you try to presume the best in everybody. Presume the best and you won't get riled up and paranoid or indignant. The thing that freaks me out the most about shipping debates is how quickly they can turn personal. Yes, sometimes someone crosses the line and says some insulting about a fan that requires other people to respond in his/her defense, but the spirit of shipping should focus around the characters, don't you think?

 I know that there are some people in the Bleach fandom who have been mercilessly scapegoated--ileenka for one. If anything, all the craziness hurled at her has taught me one thing--don't believe everything you read. If I'd gone by descriptions and responses on fandom wank about her, I'd be very skeeeered of her indeed. But checking her out, I found a really lively, fun, joyful person who is pretty damn fair most of the time. I'm imagining, though, that there are so many people out there, possibly outside the Bleach fandom, who presumed the worst.

Call me a Pollyanna, but I do think it's possible for people to get along--even if its only with grumbling and eye-rolling and other expressions of profound disagreement. Snarkiness is one thing, but character defamation (and in this case I'm talking about PEOPLE not characters in a story) is another. Take the high road. Or at least try. That's all I ask.

This message has been brought to you by the Compassionate Society of Jewish Mothers, a non-profit organization.
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