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episode 230, anyone?

random note: i think this is the first time i start an entry in this comm. and a late entry at that.   (but of course).   still, i just caught the episode last night and it left me with such an afterglow of utter fangirliness that i feel it should have its own post. so, here, have at it.   (WARNING: LONG. i talk too much).

i hadn't watched one episode of the bleach anime since... wow, i think since isshin being a shinigami was first revealed. been a while, huh? but as soon as i saw the character designs for the zanpakutous, i KNEW i had to see this arc. as it IS a filler arc, i don't hold very high expectations for the plot; however, i think the characters themselves more than make up for it =3

_SnS's voice is sooooo perfect. i swear, i'm over the moon about the fact that rukia's zanpakuto is a sweet, soft-spoken, gorgeous, TALL lady. i love it ♥ pity she didn't smile in the whole episode. i wanted to see her smile.

_i am absolutely in awe of kazeshini. i mean, seriously, the design is awesome-- i love the ears! and i think it allows us to glimpse at shuuhei's personality in a way that we maybe hadn't seen before. especially in light of the latest manga chapter, where tousen throws his "lack of fear" in his face, i think the fact that his zp is a darkish, overeager, borderline psycho spirit who resembles the stereotypical image of a grim reaper closer than anyone else in the series really says something about shuuhei's inner strength, and maybe even his reluctance to release it. me likey.

_i have said this eighty-seven times by now but GAH, HYOURINMARU IS SO HAWT. ♥ coolest thing was, when he walked in during the first scene i went all "omg he's sooooooo cool!" and then two seconds later suzumebachi repeated the same thing =P my brother (who was watching with me) went all "wtf?" xD

_my brother's pet theory is that muramasa is actually shinsou in disguise (i'm sure it was 'cause of the long nails) but i'm not even going to speculate. considering he has a sword and can do "magic," i'm sure it won't have anything to do with gin-- if it did, it would be aizen's kyoka suigetsu instead, as that's the zp that has the illusion powers. but still, probably unrelated. still, i thought the nails thing was cool. xD at parts i got the feeling that muramasa was a bit like ichigo & ulquiorra's love child. lol. long live the crack.

_as usual, i don't understand a word zangetsu says ^^;;; was he just checking to see if he could still communicate with ichigo? that was the whole point of that scene, right?

_LOL, renji fanbois. you gotta love 'em. hmmm, i wonder what they'd say if they were to find out their beloved fukutaichou's zanpakutou is actually a girl? a hot girl at that ;)

_renji: captain, is something wrong?
byakuya: senbonzakura made me break a nail! D: I KEEL TEH BASTARD.

_awwwwwwwwwww that scene of hitsu & hyourinmaru was soooooo sad! D: and so pretty, too. i love dragon!hyourinmaru, it always looks so damn gorgeous. and when shiro-chan reached out and couldn't connect... ;_______; and how he whispered hyourinmaru's name... ;_________; wah, my poor little fangirl heart breaks :(

_he practices! see, i TOLD you he does! xDDDD

_matsumoto looking for haineko under the coffee table = UTTER WIN xDDDD made. my. WEEK, i tell you. "quit being such a bitch!" lolz, figures matsumoto would have that kind of relationship with her zanpakutou. x3

_HITSU'S EXPRESSIONS FTW! xDDDD he's so cute. *pats shiro-chan's head*

_i love that it's hitsugaya and byakuya that start getting suspicious. makes sense for them. *nods*

_awwwwwwww, ukitake's twins! ♥ actually, i didn't realize at first the significance that it was ukitake's, shunsui's and unohana's zanpakutous that went to take out yama-jii. i had to play it over again. lol. i was too busy squeeing over the twins. but now that i think back on it, i realize that WHOA, that's heavy. *nods*

_so wait, then muramasa can only control certain zp's? 'cause i would've gone for yama-jii's first, really. and considering there's hundreds of other shinigamis in SS, he can still go down from the sheer numbers. *shrugs*

_*insert fangirly squee here at the thought that shiro-chan first asks ukitake about what's going on* eh. i LOVE it when ukitake calls him hitsugaya-taichou. lol.

_sasakibe: okay, i've said my one line, now i drop dead. bet ya weren't expecting that, were you?
me: *rolls eyes*

_i LOVE komamura's spirit (tenken?). for some reason it reminds me of ifrit, from final fantasy. lol. xD

_mayuri is such a freak. >.< the belief is reinforced in me every time i see him.

_LOL TOBIUME. taken a page from kenshin's book, i swear.

_haineko rules, dude. she just does. ♥

_byakuya: stand aside, plebes. i shall now walk forward in all my glory and demand an answer of this disgusting fiend. he won't give me anything remotely useful, but the awesomeness will seep through my pores and the fangirls will swoon regardless.

_hmmm. i wonder why muramasa? why not, say, masamune? i figure it's because of the negative connotations of the muramasa swords as opposed to masamune's, the whole good vs. evil thing going on in the legends, but now i'm wondering if a masamune character will make an appearance. or is ichigo supposed to represent masamune in this thing? interesting prospect.

anyway, enough of MY fangirling, let's hear y'all's. xD
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