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Zanpaktou Spirits Arc Revealed!

All right, just following on from community.livejournal.com/bleachness/318576.html and having just watched episode 230 I can say there is a helpful guide in the ending credits matching up most of the spirits with their owners.

Lady in White: Sode no Shirayuki (Rukia)
Masked Samurai: Senbonzakura (Byakuya
Bee Girl: Suzemebachi (Soi fon)
Guy with Ice Hand: Hyorinmaru (Hitsugaya)
Baboon Woman and Snake Boy: Zabimaru (Renji)
Cat Lady: Haineko (Matsumoto)
Emo Guy: Wabisuke (Kira)
Black Guy in back: Kazeshine (Hisagi)

Okay, I got a lot more wrong with this one but I nailed some of them

Bird Man: Rurio Kujaku (Yumichika)
Bone Lady: Katen Kyōkotsu (Shunsui and boy did I get that one wrong)
Butterfly: Ashisogi Jizo (Mayuri)
Big Green Guy to the left of Ashisogi Jizo: Hozukimaru (Ikkaku)
Big Red Guy to the right of Ashisogi Jizo: Tenken (Komamura)
Shota Twins: Sōgyo no Kotowari (Ukitake and I thing everyone got that right
Fat Guy With Mace: Gegetsuburi (Omaeda aka Soi Fon's Lieutenant)

Oddly enough the hooded one and the guy nearly hidden by the crease are not identified with any particular either in episode or the closing credits. Given whose gathered together in the episode the could either be Ryujin Jakka (Yamamoto), Gonyryomaru (Sasakibe, Yama-jii's Lieutenant), Minazuki (Unohana), Itegumo (Isanae's) Iba's unnamed but shown zanpaktou or Kiyone, Sentaro, Nanao and Nemu's unrevealed zankaptous.
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