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Side text for 270

Has everybody calmed down yet? I haven't. XD. But the lucky thing for me is that for whatever reason, maybe my hormones or maybe just a weariness with being agitated over what people write, I'm not upset. I like syneiam 's attitude. That it's all funny. It's all over-the-top shipping.

But in the midst of skimming posts last night I found this:

 I'd also like to point out that the cover of SJ for this chapter showed Ichigo with text on the side that says "Oh Blade, I cry out that this heart is surely here." It's the same as saying "Let Rukia still be alive." I don't think it can be interpreted any other way. It can't possibly be for Orihime since Ichigo's sure that she's alive.

Wow. Kubo's wrapping things up quick, isn't he? Either this arc was meant to develop Orihime alone and there will be some other stalling in the IchiRuki relationship or Ichigo's just a few frames short of getting on his knee with a diamond ring, huh? ~_^ ( joke, joke--I cant see Ichigo doing that ever).
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