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Amazon rating

For those who are friend with me on LJ would have seen this entry (a bit different though) a long time ago but I decided to let everyone see this.

As you can see from the Japanese amazon rating, the rating of Bleach is going down. During the Karakura arc and SS arc the rating is mostly 4.5 out of 5. Which is very good (used to be 5 out of 5 though when you look at my entry). Then came the Arr Arc and HM Arc and the highest rating they got were 3 out of 5 (as seen on vol 30) but mostly they are 2.5 or 2.

Take a look yourself. Credit goes to me and Nav for the screen-shots

New Arc Starting around here

Notice the difference in the rating? And how when the PBTP arc started the ratings went up again?
I'm not criticizing Bleach or anything it's obvious the plot of Bleach is not as good as the SS arc days seeing the ratings the fans give. I mean let's compare it. In volume 7 Rukia left Ichigo in order to save him. In volume 27 Orihime went to HM arc believing it was to save her friends.

4.5 stars and 2.5 star. Yep.

And lets compare how many people rated 5/5 and 1/5 for both volumes

Volume 7

11 people rated it 5/5 while only 1 person rated it 1/5.  However looking at the comment of the person who rated it only 1/5, only 1 out of 3 people found her comment useful. So I guess its safe to say not everyone agreed with her comment

Volume 27

Only 3 people rated it 5/5, and 16 people rated it 1/5. If you would look at the comment of those people who rated it 5/5, it says out of 59 people only 9 people found the comment useful, while as, those people who rated it 1/5, many people found their comment useful (I highlighted it using a red box. 

So yeah, at least there in Japan many think the plot is going downhill or are not as good as the SS arc days. Personally for me, I like the HM arc plot but because I compare it with the SS arc plot and know how Kubo has potential I think HM arc is not meeting his potential.

And also few years ago the SS arc and karakura arcs were rated 5/5

Look at the difference! Despite Orihime in both covers one is rated 2.5 while this one is 5/5

For those who wants to see my previous entry this is the link

One last thing before I go just for a lol

Ichigo + Rukia = 1500yen. That’s 680yen more than Orihime + Dordonii combo

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