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367 Spoiler Pix, Anime Zanpakutou Spirits Revealed in Pic

There are spoiler pics from Ohana and some new chapter spoiler translations up at the chapter thread at Bleach Asylum.

Haven't checked it all out yet but as soon as I logged on, I was bombarded with messages showing the pictures of the new anime filler character designs. (I was minus internet this morning and couldn't figure what was wrong with my comp until I realized I'd forgotten to pay the internet bill ... yeah... that's me). The name of the new chapter is "Your Enemy is My Enemy" and there promises to be good spoilery stuff but ... I can't get over what my friends showed me moments ago ... Zabimaru, is that YOU?

Sode no Shirayuki is no surprise--a beautiful (flat-chested?) graceful woman decked out in white but IS THAT SOME KIND OF HAWT MAMA ZABIMARU I SEE? This totally fits in with my fic where Renji is bi. Once I had someone make a comment in this community about how Renji was one of those people who swung both ways with ease like a happy monkey and I was confused until I realized that the commenter was talking about my fic ... or WAS SHE? XD

eta: spoiler pic translation from CG at BA:

Pic with Shinji and Koma:
Shinji: Is it really ok with ya? Ya saw us, right? A group of people whose nature ya don't know... And yet ya still saved me... Oh well, I kinda don't know yer nature too, now that I look at ya...
Koma: You people stood up against that huge crowd first. It will not do to judge about someone being an ally or not by their appearance! I decided that you and I are going to fight together! And I do not want to hear any objection, our masked guest!
Shinji: Such zealous words ya saying... I'm kinda outta my element here in pompous speeches...

Pic with Mashiro and Kensei:
Mashiro: That last one shoulda been miiine! [I'm assuming she's talking about one last gillian that she wanted to fight, but Kensei kinda finished him off before she had a chance]
Kensei: Shut it! I'm leaving that huge fella to you, so stop babbling already!
Mashiro: That... huge one...
Mashiro: Huraaay!!! <3 Kensei, I love you so much!!!
Kensei: ...
Someone: The common enemy...

Pic with Mashiro preparing to kick Superchunky:
Mashiro: Mashirooo SUPER KICK!!!

Page with Hitsu, Lisa and Hiyori:
Hitsu: Whether you're enemies or allies... it seems now it's not the time for you to hesitate.
Hiyori: Hmph!
On the left side of the page (cut off, but still readable):
Someone1: 2 parties of comrades who don't know and didn't even see each other before now fight together hand in hand...
Someone2: The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

Pic with Koma and Tousen:
Koma: It's vise-versa now comparing to that time, isn't it... Since [something - can't tell what kanji this is, it's too unclear - maybe Tousen's defection?] I thought that maybe the time when I have to protect someone from you won't come...
Tousen: I knew it would come. I always knew that someday I will definitely cross my blade with you. I wonder which one of us will die. Let's begin. (my emphasis again--GAAAAAAH!)

Pic with Tousen and Hisagi appearing:
Hisagi: Excuse me, Komamura-taichou...
Hisagi: But please, let me take part in this battle!
Tousen: Hisagi...!
The vertical line: Iron will!

~ translation by CG

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