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Useless poll, fanart, fic rec

hi guys, I'm back from feverland (I didn't dream about Bleach--even though I try, my lurid technicolor dreamscapes are rarely inhabited by my favorite manga and anime characters). As soon as I regain full consciousness, I'll reupload some doujin for members and edit the Love & Food fanart booklet I'm sending to Kubo-sensei (I'd like to get it off to him before WSJ offices close for Golden Week in August!)

Meanwhile, on too much cold medicine, I made a poll:

Poll #1431946 Aizen in the next chapter...

Aizen in the next chapter ...

will be proven by Shinji to be AN ILLUSION
will be shown to have fired a cero out of his hairstyle that cut Shinji in half!
will do another Light Yagami impersonation
will draw his zanpakutou against Shinji only for Kubo to cut away to HM
will be defended by Gin, Tousen or some other Aizen fangirl and won't fight Shinji after all
surprises everybody and dies... which is odd because Kubo said he was gonna become more evil but now we know Kubo lies!
gets a boo-boo and regenerates in godmode high style
other (state what you think Aizen WILL doooo in comments)

Some fanart and fic recs now. And those of you looking for GOOOOOOD Bleach fanfic, there's an ongoing collaboration by three of fandom's best ( incandescens ,liralen , and sophiap ) called WINTER WAR. Check it out.

I should've made a note of Obon and Ichigo's birthday last week when I was sick. Sorry, Ichigo. Here's a daaaaaaaaaw fanart for the occasion made by hidden_gems . You can fave at DA here

Oh, and there's been another play by a Japanese fanartist on the recent Ishida color page. Again, Orihime surprising Uryuu in the rain. This time by Bypass. Their site is here.

oh and thanks again Annie for getting me yet another IshiHime bypass doujin when you were in Japan. I love this group's drawings. <3

Speaking of rainy Ishidas,here's one of Uryuu with an umbrella and his dad (I know Uryuu is Rain Dragon in kanji--what is Ryuuken again? Dragon of what sort?) eneada is quickly becoming my favorite artist drawing Ishida after Kubo-sensei himself. You can fave the work here.

Time for more antihistamines. I'm itching to write silliness, draw doodles, compose meta, but until the fall I may not have time to play much--maybe then. Bleach is so fun right now. I'm even (gasp!) enjoying the anime. XD
Tags: fanart, fic recs, ichigo, ishida, ishihime, isshin, ryuuken
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