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Fans Who Squint Too Hard? Ishida is reading German!

Anyone out there onbleachness familiar with German classic literature? I ask only because yesterday you guys were referencing The Revenger's Tragedy and giving Shinji and Aizen blank verse dialogue out of Titus Andronicus. I know you are a bunch of nerds. ^^

In episode 227 of the Bleach anime, Ishida Uryuu is shown reading a book with horizontal printing--not kanji--so my first assumption was that he was reading English until distracted by the inevitable breezes of sakura petals that made his Japanese soul go hmmmmm. It was a pretty scene. I took screepcaps. A German friend of mine looked closer at the text and noticed that Ishida wasn't reading English but German! Ah-ha! This fits in nicely with all of Ishida's attacks having German-sounding names. From whence does this Germanic Quincy stuff come from? I have my own crack theory that Ishida is a metaphorical Jew, Mayuri was based on Mengele, and Seele Schneider is a deliberate pun on the Yiddish (German-Hebrew) word "tailor." Neha and I batted around some ideas, then a person in our own fanclub told us "No offense....but I think y'all are just looking waaay into things too much." XD


Anyway, I know that probably what happened is that some Ishida fan on the animation staff ran some Japanese words--maybe those referring to Kubo-sensei's volume poems--through Babelfish to come up with some German for Ishida to read. But the resulting text is ... interesting. I thought it read like aphoristic German philosophy a la Schopenhaur. My husband said it reminded him of Friedrich Hölderlin's poetry. Neha thought the book might be Quincy incantations or maybe just angsty poetry. My question is do any of you know German and recognize this text from the English translation? Or is it familiar to you?

Translation by B. Haddrell under cut. From the Ishida Uryuu FC of Bleach Asylum:

Originally Posted by B. Haddrell
I had another look at Ishida`s book and for the fun of it I tried to translate the German I could read and make some sense of.

Sometimes the translation is very rough also because the German is not very good to begin with. Most of the time the start or end of the sentence is missing.

Ishida`s book


hand growing. I remove a cloud and a run through the
…catch moon and mars. But it doesn`t touch the truth yet.
…to the tusk that doesn`t arrive. Watch this star
…??? to be beautiful (?). The reason is because without the fear
…the flower can move forward.
…??? the animal each time .I am leaving my pride behind How
…far away from the animal each time it spoils the heart.
A tower of remorse (whatever that is). It runs through the world like light. I
…The tower of the spine. Will it fall? Or is it empty?
…only say good bye.
…print where the solar mane (Ishida`s finger) to thin ice
…have no fear that it (finger) is already finished
… (too much finger now…)

Right side (more blurred and more difficult to read. )

Rubble from the wave. (rest too blurred)
??? We are ? of five corners. The monster we are…
the child that is crying. Oh, we are poisoned by moonlight.
We all fail.
We all die by nature. There will always be an end…
When it is time. I find the end has ? and… to whimper.
to say it all. We have to go in the night to confess.
by dream(??) by death musn`t work
also to know.
The voice that went through my chest is like a call…
doesn`t stop to sound. We are not looking for it…
make the same weight for .
1. We have a third eye…
fourth direction that gives hope. The fifth…
A ?
We observe you with eyes that watch a peacock…

like a bottomless thing, the expectation and a serious…
like fear. But I decorate it stubbornly and too much…
knowledge that it will be cut down. But I polish it stubbornly…
knowledge that it will be cut down. It is terrible. It is terrible.

Hm, I am not familiar with German classic literature. Does this make sense to somebody?

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