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366 Revenger's High Spoiler Pic

Oh Holy Guacamole! Pix thanks to Bleach91 at BA:

The chapter title doesn't give me much hope for Shinji because we all know pride before a fall--srsly, Shinji, what are you trying to prove by attacking Aizen without a mask? That you can defeat him without your Hollow powers? Or that this Aizen is an illusion?

 More pics at the BA SPOILER THREAD HERE: bleachasylum.com/showpost.php It looks like Lsa ISN'T a two-sword wielder after all (cries) and that was a mistranslation and it looks like the spoiler provider thought Lisa's scabbard was another sword, but the art and epic badass poses of the MENOS MASSACRE are rocking the chapter!

I still want Shunsui training Lisa fic, people.

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