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oOOh the chapter spread--what does it mean?

All 24 pages of 270 aren't out yet but this is looking to be a  stirring chapter. The cover art  and color preads are by far two of the the prettiest I can remember Kubo drawing and I don't dare interpret.... BUT......

Shinji!  Is he on the cover art because he (with or without Visored) is coming to save the day? Or does Kubo merely want us to think his arrival is immanent? The cover clearly shows the heroes who haven't fallen--but oooh, why is Ishida in darkness, so tiny and far away? Is Kubo saving him for something big? Renji looks like he's dead he's so gray--I'm not going to think about it.

Shippers are going insane over who Ichigo is responding to--Rukia or Orihime. Clearly, at first Rukia is his first priority then he reacts to Ulquiorra's taunting about Orihime but it seems like Ichigo still wants to leave the fight/pass so he can go to Rukia. I don't dare hope for a Ichigo/Rukia reunion but Nell is the best possible healer-solution we have at this pt (unless Kubo surprises us  and has already sent Ishida to Chad and will send him to Rukia with Pesh--whose spit does more than trip Arrancar).

Orihime pounding at the door in tears. Her moment is coming. Kick something, use your powers, can't you say anything else besides PLEASE open the door and let me out?  She's got Tsubaki--if he can bust apart a Hollow, he can probably bust apart a Las Noches wall. ORIHIME, TRY. You've got nothing to lose at this point and your friends are not only dropping like flies but suffering terribly.

All part of Aizen's plan of course.

And suddenly this "rescue arc" has gotten to be as interesting as SS. *Hats off to Kubo-sensei*

What I'm heart-attacking most over this chapter so far is: SHINJI!!

Shinji needs more love--I was thinking of posting links to some of my Shinji fics and Q's arts here and then this chapter cover happened.


Irrelevant of nothing, here's a scribble pic I lifted firstmidnight from that features the daddies in the latest volume:

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