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The 2009 UlquiHime Tanabata Celebration and Contest: Fanworks

Hello, everybody! :D

Ahaha, this is my first time making a post in this community, but in this case; duty calls. I was granted permission by debbiechan to post all of the gorgeous and poignant fanworks we received for The 2009 UlquiHime Tanabata Celebration and Contest, hosted by the UlquiHime fanclub of Bleach Asylum.

We have several spectacular fanfictions and fanarts to showcase today.

EDIT: *sigh*

There were too many issues with the HTML and lj-cuts, so I'll just give you guys a link to the master post over at Bleach Asylum. You should be able to view and be linked to everything just the same.

I apologize for the inconvenience: BA Master Post
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