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Bleach 270, fanarts for y!gallery

I have but a few words to say about the early spoiler. XD

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Hollow Ichigo! Go, Shirosaki!

I finally started posting fanart on y!gallery and realized that ever since DA I've been censoring my stuffs (I used to draw pretty raunchy back when I posted on Red Curtain), so I made two y!gallery appropriate fanarts. Tame really. I just like using the categories like "mind control" and "bondage." I posted the Aizen one DA but said in my notes it was a strangling and not a bj and I dare anyone to challenge me!

Because I like tying him up

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a strangling? Is it a blowjob?

I'll probably stay up late tonight waiting for spoiler pics. Sometimes I wish Bleach would get boring so I could get excited and fanny about other manga (blows kiss to anime L!)
Remember My Spectacular Crystal Ball Contest No one's guessing anything--just goes to show ya how unpredictable Kubo is. Although I think Shini may get a winner in Grimmjow fights Ichigo AND Ulquiorra.
Tags: 270, aizen, bleach manga, fanart, ulquiorra
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