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You're Only as Old as You Feel


I dont like the Twilight series. I find the characters dull and uninteresting and their actions positively mind-boggling at many points. In fact, this morning/late evening, I was trash talking about the series and one of the points my fellow conversationist brought up was the pedophilia-esque difference in ages between Bella and Edward. He's old enough to be her grandfather several times over.

Instantly, my mind switched to Ichigo and Rukia.

Its almost an identical set up, age-wise. She's over a century old (Kubo has never laid a specific age to her), enough to be his great-great-great-great grandmother. Ichigo is 16, though I don't know the ageo of consent in Japan (16 or 18?), he's still young; despite all the crazy situations he's gone through to force him to grow up quickly. So, to get to the point, the question I want to ask is:

Beyond a situation where Ichigo dies and goes to Soul Society, would the gap in age between Ichigo and Rukia present a moral or ethical problem if they were to persue a relationship with each other while he is alive?

And to be fair, I will answer my own question first:

I think that there would be a question or morality if there was a relationship...right now.

Age is a tricky thing when you deal with the dead. Their perception of time is different by default and numeric age means significantly less to them. From Rukia's end, the problem is a null-and-void deal. We've never really seen her spend a good deal of time meditating on his age. It seems to me that as far as Soul Society goes, as long as you're mentally and emotionally capable, it doesn't matter. This is reinforced by Isshin's (not stopping Ichigo from going to Soul Society), Ukitake's (by giving him the Substitute's Badge, allowing him to continue his work as a shinigami), and many others' (the Hitsugaya's Forward Advance Team) actions.

So the problem definitely weights in on Ichigo's end. But my qualms don't come solely from Ichigo's physical age, they come from the massive amounts of complexes and emotional issues he carries around with him. The Messiah/Savior/Superman Complexes, his partial Oedipus Complex, not to mention the standard issue Male Teenager Idiocy/Pride/Pigheadedness/Rebelliousness, then there's the Hollow as the proverbial cherry on top. Oh, and possibly a massive case of PTSD once this is all said and done. Ichigo is in no position, now or for the forseeable future, to be in a relationship with anybody. He has tonnes of self-identity issues piled up on his shoulders and who the hell wants to date someone like that.

But to be fair, Rukia is in the same place, but not nearly the level that Ichigo is. She has her own set of complexes (Survivor's Guilt from Kaien, Inferiority Complex from her brother, and a slew of other self-esteem issues that she carries around) to sort through herself. Rukia is mentally a teenager herself at times, prone to just as much childishness and stubborness as Ichigo is. Bleach chronicles her coming-of-age story as much as it does Ichigo's or Orihime's or Ishida's.

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