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happy birthday peca! (fanarts)

I couldn't add Peca's lovely arts to the previous post because LJ formatting was being a pain this morning but that's a blessing because peca_06 deserves her own post, really. TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY and she's a wonderful artist. Check out her gallery here: peca06.deviantart.com/

This picture was drawn before the favorite zanpakutou spread Kubo designed and sent to him for a Valentine's present. Don't Ichigo and Rukia look amazingly like the ones Kubo drew? He seems to have fixed Rukia's hair part but other than that, it's like he referenced Peca's work! ^^ That would only be fair since we lowly fanartists stare and stare at Kubu-sensei's stuff all the time and reference his character's fashion poses, haha.

If you're an Ichigo fangirl, get a drool bucket:

Tags: fanart, ichigo, ichiruki, kubo tite, peca_06
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