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Regarding Renji...

I just read the bloodscans and

What's this with Renji saying "Get out of my way!" and then our seeing his foot?  Is he trying to leave a battle and go find Rukia?
He wouldn't say " Get out of my way!" if he was still intending to fight Zael Pollo, would he?

Can he even get out of that reiatsu-smothering room?

The art is so freaking good for this chapter. Once you learn how to read how Kubo draws motion, those empty backgrounds and tiny panels of body parts make sense. I'm always frustrated when people say that such and such can't be extrapolated from the manga because "it hasn't been stated yet." Manga is about text AND pictures.

All subject  to interpretation of course.  But when I read that Ichigo had a stronger reaction to Chad's falling then to Rukia's, the 'd' word is at the tip of my lips.

Ah, I think I have to tidy up the last two stories I wrote. I'm not pleased with either one. The Rukia piece needs me to give up that ending and still convey the "I feel separate from the world and my brother" feeling if it's going to make easy timeline sense... Sure, Rukia could be wandering around slaying Hollow for 40 yrs but it doesn't seem likely, as andrew said, that she wouldn't visit SS sometime. [EDIT] I spent an hour thinking about a rewrite and realized if I just cut the last line, it would work and I'd still have a dramatic ending. I added some other things, though, to make it plain that Rukia wasn't heading out on her first solo mission).

The Nemu piece has gotten good responses but it still seems heavy to me. Could probably cut a page and it would be smoother. But.... I'll prob leave it alone. I've got this Ukitake/Unohana fic I think I can actually finish. *thinks* IshiHime, UlquiIshi, AizenUlqui... which one, which one... I only have two more kidless hours for the morning....
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