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Fanarts! More 363 spoiler tidbits

More spoiler info re 353 and I bring you fanarts!

spoiler from 2ch and translation by Sheetz:

浮田家片方の刀で相手の攻撃を吸収、全てそのまま返し、縄に下がる札で相手に返す技の速度や圧力を調節して 相手のかわすタイミングを狂わせる。
One of Ukitake's swords absorbs the opponent's attack and the other sends it back exactly the same. The tag hanging from the rope adjusts the speed and power of the reflected attack, and throws off his opponent's timing.
While they are fighting Wonderweiss appears, bringing along some huge creature. Its nails are all menos masks, and it has one eye.
Compared to it in size, Wonderweiss is like a grain of rice.
タイトルはSuperchunky from Hell
Title is Superchunky from Hell.

my comment on BA was:
YESSSSSSsssss! It IS Wonderweiss! And leading the Superchunky from Hell (Kudos to Kubo for the best title evah!) like a little boy with a pet.

I'm happy we're going to get some answers about what this big one-eyed thing from long ago is (I was going black mass--Barragan, reformed Ulquiorra, what could it be!) but I'm disappointed that maybe the great Stark vs the Two Amigos battle is going to be interrupted and everyone is going to be swept away and rescued by this Superchunk before we get any more battles (I can't believe I just said that--wasn't I tired of battles! But I wanted to see Shunsui and Ukitake ban kai!)

Back to the dome now? Want to see color page nao, nao, nao! Chad better be showing his chest! I'm really disappointed it wasn't Ishida but the TOC says there's a color page for Bleach the following week too--I'd rather have Ishida for the Tanabata week spread!


And now to pass the time while we wait for the chapter, some fanarts I've recently enjoyed:

note: all worksafe but one Ishida drawing has some disturbing content--as in slight blood body mutilation stuff but not anything sexually gory.

The last time we saw Ishida he wasn't being listened to! Not by Ichigo! And Orihime was a little late on the uptake insofar as giving him medical attention! So I thought this portrait by xilvrin was just so poignant. You can fave it at DA here.

For a change of pace, Peachie always makes me laugh. You can fave this Grimm and Nel work at DA here.

I'm a fool for Ishida portraits and this is one of my all time favorites! Done recently by eneada and you can fave at DA here.

LithiumSwirl put so much emotion into this pic. I love this pairing (ByaHisana) and this pic so much. You can fave at DA here.

Oh, and while I'm going through my faves folder, have a cosplay. Yamayuri does the BEST (Kubo-approved!)Orihime. She took down her gallery some months back due to fandom harrassment but she's put this pic back up on a DA site for you to enjoy.

Members of bleachness who got a special Kubo bday present this week stay tuned for even more pressies for only members of bleachness !
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