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Ryuuken part three

A present for Debbie-Chan, sorry for the delay but Ryuuken torture is back!


Dr. Ishida was now convinced that Inoue Orihime was a creature made for the specific purpose of sending his blood pressure into the stratosphere. First, she had redecorated his office, putting lace doilies on his desk, putting up pictures of herself and Uryuu on the wall and insisting on repainting the walls yellow. In his defense, he had been caught off guard at a medical conference and had no idea she had betrayed him so.

                That traitorous son of his had giggled the entire way through this affair. “She’s got a mind of her own,” Uryuu kept saying, making Dr. Ishida wonder why he had not broken the boy’s spirit when he had been young and malleable.  

                But the last straw had been when she had decided to offer him some advice when visiting the hospital. “Ryuuken-Papa,” she chirped the absurd nickname she had dubbed him. “You need a new woman. Mrs. Ishida would want you to move on, get back into the field.”

                Dr. Ishida’s eyebrows rose of their own accord. Romance was messy and annoying and complicated, three things he tried to keep out of his life. He had masculine needs, like any person, but he had at least suppressed them properly.  “I beg your pardon?” he said.

                “You need a new woman. You’re a handsome man, successful, it’s good for you to get back on the mule as the Americans say. What about Dr. Sano? She’s single and very pretty. I already asked her and she said she’d love to have coffee with you,” Orihime babbled, and the walls of his carefully shelved world collapsed.

                Now she would pay! Now she would learn her lesson and he would be the one to teach her her place! “How dare you interfere with my personal affairs, you foolish girl?” he thundered furiously. He was the head of this family and he would not be disrespected.  “You may be my son’s concubine, but you should keep your opinions to yourself.”

                Miss Inoue…Orihime paled considerably and did the worst thing possible. She began wailing in tears, loudly enough for the whole hospital to hear. “You’re angry at me?” she keened, sobbing like a new born infant. “I was just trying to help!”

                How could she behave so juvenilely? Hadn’t she learned a modicum of decorum? And did she have to attract the attention of the university instead of modestly taking the correction with gratitude? Everyone had stopped outside his office, lured by the sounds of Miss Inoue’s behavior.

                “Are you all right?” one nurse said, patting the weeping child’s shoulder. “You are so shaken up!”

                Another doctor was already at her side, offering her a handkerchief gallantly. “What happened?” he asked.

                “I’m such a fool,” she babbled. “I just wanted to make my future father in law happy, I wanted him to find a nice lady because I want him to have nice things, and I wanted to tell him I’m pregnant, but he is so angry at me.”

                                “I’m sure he didn’t mean it,” a third person said. “He was just in a bad mood; he has nothing but love for such a pretty and sweet girl like you.” 

                Dr. Ishida couldn’t believe it. His own hospital staff had turned against him. She was behaving like a child and he was the villain here?  Everyone was glaring at him!  This was a mutiny.

                And then he remembered the rest of her babbling.

                She was…pregnant…

                Everyone was congratulating her.

                Everyone was blaming him.

                What did the Gods have against him?


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