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362 Howling Wolves Summary Spoiler by Annie

Get your howling wonderful summary by Annie below the cut!

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Bleach 362: Howling wolves

Continues from the last chapter, Stark stands up and lifts the gun in his left hand up and says, "Alright. Let's go, Lilinette."

But after a moment with no reply, he hit a gun with his head and it screams back at him.

"That hurts! What if my head cracked? Stupid Stark!"

"Shut up, if you are not concentrated then we could get into trouble! Beside, in this form how should know which part is what?"

"How many times do I have to tell you that is my head and ahhhh! That is my butt!!! You knew, didn't you???!!" Lilinette screams when Stark pinches the trigger.

Suddenly, an object fly towards Stark and it's Shunsui's hat. Shunsui uses the moment Stark is still confesed to attack him but he managed to dodge. Stark mumbles his dislike of Shunsui's sudden attack but the captain doesn't wait for him to finish. He uses a smoke certain on the espada then crossing his swords then says, "Taka Oni"

But before anything happen Stark aims his right gun at Shunsui and fires it and immediately aim the left one to his side. Shunsui appears on the exact same spot he's pointing a gun with a small burn on left sleeve.

"Let me finish what I was saying before the interruption. You're too rush. This doesn't suit you, Mr. Captain." Shunsui chuckels that he meant to finish with the first attack but had to dodge Stark's one. Then he asks if what Stark fired was a cero. He admitted. Then Shunsui asks if it's alright to guess further how thoes guns can fire more than cero but Stark denies it. Shunsui tells him he's not good at lying. Stark hits back that is his word and even if he has to use force, he will make Shunsui release his bankai.

He fires "Cero Metraletta" and doesn't allow Shunsui to escape. Shunsui tries to dodge while complaining Stark's cheating (for firing infinite cero). But before the cero reach Shunsui, Ukitake released his Sokyono Kotowari then fired a wave which resembles a cero. Stark was stunt and barely escap the attack then stopped to face Ukitake and angrily asks him,

"That...that now was...the cero!?"

YEE-HAH. I posted myself out in the Starrk FC at BA and I'm just sooo looking fwd to this chapter.
Eh, for the record, here are some of my posts:

1) I'm in love. No, wow, I mean it. That surging whoosh of wow, guh, awesome, unf, like, this man this man this man. THIS FIGHT is going to be epic. And I'm calling it now--no one as likable as Starrk (STARRK!) combined with someone adorable as Lilynette (a talking gun!) can perish in Kubo's World! This will be a fight to break the mold. And the set-up of the Lonesome Cowboy against the BFF is just asking for a story. Like I said at my fanblog, it invites the cheeze--the tears they are gonna fall like raindrops into a ten gallon hat! But first, the comedy! The action! Wee!

*settles into chair with popcorn*

2) OH WOW.

Ukitake shot a cero? WUT? This fight is gonna be epic! Did he repel Starrk's cero? Remember when he repelled Lilynette's with his hands? Does he have a special ability to mimic an opponent's attack? Urahara would send ceros ricocheting in the opposite direction, but maybe this is something different.

And the suspense! When will he start coughing? Will he or won't he spit up blood and fall away? Of course Shunsui is always there to help, and yes Kubo loves his themes--and of course Friendship has to triumph over Loneliness, but with the fates of Barragan and Harribel unknown, I have a feeeeeeeling that the top three Espada might end up escaping with Aizen to the Royal Realm.

Part of Starrk or no, Arrancar or no, dead already or otherwise, Lilynette is a kid and Kubo just doesn't kill kids. Even Arrancar kids. Nel is still alive! I think the ending to this battle will be a surprise--probably a draw.

Bring it all on!

*expects switch to Yammy and the dome just when then things start to get interesting, though*

3) Originally Posted by Annie

"How many times do I have to tell you that is my head and ahhhh! That is my butt!!! You knew, didn't you???!!" Lilinette screams when Stark pinches the trigger.

Thank you Annieeeeeeee.

Oh this chapter has everything. Starrk is still perving on Lily ... or himself ... or ...
haha, classic Kubo.

Ukitake is teh awesome!
I've forgotten all about Barragan and Harribel and even Yammi and maybe even Ishida... oh yes I have. This fight looks so epic and fun. I'm almost hoping that Kubo doesn't cut away from it too soon.
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