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Fic Rec: RenChadIshi NC17 for Aizome's Bday

Oh it was aizome 's bday DAYS ago but we're going to celebrate here at bleachness  forever because we love aizome that much. This is the Bleach fan who gave us Barralepew and Yachiru feeding Kenpachi cupcakes.

*blows kisses to Alex* Yes, we love you. We're easy. Make us laugh and we looooooooove you.

So nehalenia wrote a wonderful fic for aizome that I HAVE to rec. Neha was worried about the narrative voice because she used, of all people, Renji, to tell about a sexual encounter between Chad and Ishida. You'd think that Renji couldn't sustain a descriptive first person for pages but Neha pulls this one off so entertainingly that I want to thank Alex just for being born and inspiring Neha to write this piece. Here it is--DEDICTED TO AIZOME FOR HIS BIRTHDAY:

So the Last Time I Went to the Living World... Warning NC17 yaoi Ren, Chad/Ishi by the talented nehalenia . Not for the young and innocent but for anyone who appreciates Bleach humor and good writing and detailed boisterous boysmut.

Love & Food Art Contest Updates: I was sidelined by a migraine this weekend but I've gotten packages ready to mail to son nekoni, halclouds and midoringo. I'll send the list of remaining prizes to choose from to mooguruklaine and cclemon when I get my act together, which should be no later than a couple days.

Members of
bleachness , stay tuned for a special gift for lovers of fanart by Blast.
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