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Shunsui and Nanao 'Week of Love'


~*~*~Week of Love Celebration~*~*~

Brought to you by the Bleach Asylum ShunsuixNanao FC

Of Glasses and Pink Haori

This is an celebration of the relationship between this Captain and Vice Captain of the Eighth Division.

This though, is just a celebration of our favorite couple’s relationship. Not a contest just something to have fun with and enjoy since they both have not appeared in the manga (save a few omakes) together in a year.

The Week of Love starts on Nanao Ise’s birthday (July 7) and ends on Kyoraku Shunsui’s birthday (July 11)

The first day which is the Lovely Nanao’s birthday will just be a day for her.

Her themes are:


Days 2-4 would be to their relationship together. Platonic or something more is welcomed. Just make sure it is focused on them together in some form, not another pairing.

The themes together are:


The last day is Shunsui’s birthday (July 11)

*Sakura Petals


*Be Kind to Others
*Credit the Creator of any Doujin that is used.
*Make sure you rate any artwork or fics their appropriate rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc.)
*Make sure it is Nanao and Shunsui centric.
*Not Every theme has to be used for that day. Choose the ones that you like the best and use them.
*The entries can be posted over at the FC (Join if you want also!) or at the Shunsui x Nanao community.
*The celebration is being managed by: codegal,ab_jaded, and me Issues09. So if you have any question just contact one of us.

Also, Thank you Debbichan for letting us advertise her again, I really appreciate it!

Use this when linking to a fic or fanart etc

Link: (to the submission)


Fanart, Fanfics, Graphics (sigs, icons, wallpapers, etc), AMVS, MMVS, GIFS,
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