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Volume 39 El Verdugo

Nice scans and translations of Volume 39 over at this post at Mangahelpers. The doodles are priceless this time (Kenpachi and Nell! <3) but Allon's character expressions take the cake.

As always, I'm grooving on Kubo's poems. I was wondering what sort of poem he would give an inarticulate creature like the Allon chimera but Kubo chose not to go first-person and gave us instead a Divine postscript, a play on JudeoChristian saying:

To err is human.
To kill is the devil.

Awesome, ne? Allon foreshadows the beast that Ichigo becomes during the Ulquiorra battle and the theme of what's human, what's divine ("to forgive is divine"), and what's truly wrong (killing without mercy) is at center stage. AH HAH! to those who insisted on not seeing the moral message of that chapter even with Mr. Moral Compass Uryuu Ishida swinging Zangetsu out of his gut like a pointer to the truth: Ichigo made a big boo-boo.

Tags: allon, bleach manga, ichigo, moral compass, ulquiorra
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