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Winners in Love and Food Art Contest

Winners, We have Winners!

The popular polls have closed and these were the top three you voted for:

1. Apple Picking by midoringo

2. Bittersweet by chuuni , Wedding Cheers by mooguriklaine (tie)

3. Feelings by son_nekoni

The votes were tight there! Here were the top three chosen by our picky, picky (that’s me teasing her) critical-eye contest judge,

escarboucle , with her comments:

1. Bittersweet:

the art is very cute - the main problem is Ulq's height, mostly, but since he's crouched, it's easy to overlook. The composition and the soft colours are definitely A++. I especially like the shadows and the overall scene's softness. All those sugaries food - with the already tasted donut - make us think that he's feeding her with sweets - that's very cute.

2. Feelings:

the art is OK, but what really makes it shines is the humor. Expressionless Ulq vs very expressive Inoue, to end up with a "pasta"-- it's really funny. I especially liked Inoue's last panel after Ulq's "love", because it was so reminiscent of this panel from Inoue in the manga when she told him she wasn't scared.

3. Strawberry and Vanilla:

this is a very stylish IchiRuki piece - although the background does hurt my eyes - the art style is really pop style and I love it. This is what makes it stand out compared to other good art - this very unique and fresh style, combined to a very sketchy look - it's eye catchy and reminiscent of the earlier Bleach.

Amongst the artists who have already a good style, I could spot people who definitely have potential! I enjoyed the arts immensely - I was a bit surprised at the Seaweed Ambassador and Chappy turned into food and I think this one deserves praises too! The ideas were good - do not hesitate to practice more, have fun, and share more art!

Thank you, Syn, for your careful looking over of all the entries this week, and thanks again to all the participants. The contest for prizes is over but

bleachness is still accepting entries all the rest of this month for Kubo-sensei’s birthday.



chuuni and son_nekoni placed in both rankings, popular and judged, so they get two prizes from the grab bag o’ goodies. Artists who won, if you already know which doujin or prize you want from what was shown in bleachness pics before, let me know right away before someone else claims the prize; otherwise wait until I contact you with a list of prizes and pictures so you can choose from the grab bag. All the winners will get chopsticks and candy and a trading card. <3


vayshti and annieroo2 , I have to open prizes to you two again too because your prizes from the last contest never made it here from Japan. *sniff* I have one of Vayshti’s doujinshi but she can pick another prize and Annieroo needs to pick all over again. I’ll be in touch with you two again as well.

And now… the cutest thing ever. Everyone loves KawaiiS. She recently made this adorable gif for the UlquiHime FC over at BA. If you’ve ever needed the story of Tanabata explained to you, well, here you go!



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