cerridwyno9 (cerridwyno9) wrote in bleachness,

A short feel free to crititsize or compliment

They had decided to baby-sit the kid. Rather it had been Rukia’s idea and not Ichigo’s to watch Ishida and Orihime’s four-year-old daughter for the weekend. Since her parent’s were going out of town.
After managing to get the semi hyper little four year- old to go sleep. Ichigo and Rukia went to bed themselves.
In the morning when the little girl had asked them what the noises were that she heard thru the shoji doors last night . Ichigo told her that it was an earthquake
He would regret those words.
Later when her parents came to pick her up the little girl ran up to her parents declaring  “Mommy Daddy did you know that Ichigo and Rukia had an earthquake in their bed last night.”
Ichigo never looked more like a strawberry.

It sounds like something their kid would do
I wonder what their reactions would be.
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