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Food & Love Voting Closes Tuesday, Kubo Tite's Birthday, Fanart

The popular polls for the Love & Food art contest close at 12 midnight CST tomorrow! Remember to vote here for part one and here for part two.

ALSO, REMEMBER THAT bleachness is still accepting Love & Food fanarts. (See this post ). The main purpose of the art challenge wasn't really to get artists to compete for keychains and doujin but to bring out some more pretties for the fans and for Kubo-sensei himself who really likes to look at fanart (so he said in an issue of last year's American Shounen Jump). His birthday is this coming June 26 and I was going to collect the arts in a booklet to send to him as I regularly do. (YES, I AM A TREMENDOUS DORK). This year I also sent Shishou a little silver necklace finished and signed by the Israeli artist Yonatan of the Hebrew word "Chai" which is a congratulations for a birthday and means "life." This is it. Here are some of the arts I sent him, and LOLOLOLOL, this is what I put on the side of his birthday package. My daughter also put Goku stickers on the package. Alas, Kubo-sensei's favorite DBZ character is Vegeta but we didn't have any Vegeta stickers.

The next group of arts I send to him may include strawberry stickers and will be part two of his birthday present. Thank you to all the artists who've drawn things so far! I think Kubo will love them all.

Speaking of fanart....
Here's one some of you may not have seen, but it's a fave of mine from 2007. <3

You may fave the art at DA here
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