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Still Accepting Food and Love Fanart!

The competition for prizes (lol, you know, those silly things like chopsticks and keychains and bragging rights) is currently going on, but I wanted everyone to know that bleachness is still accepting Food and Love fanart that fits the theme specified in the original announcement. You may post these arts here all through the month of June. I'd like to have more fanarts to send Kubo-sensei, and that gives me plenty of time to gather them. So, if you want to show your appreciation for Kubo 's manga this way, draw a picture for the food and love theme and like I said, I'll gather these to send in a little booklet off to Tokyo. Shishou draws for us all the time, so it's only fair that we draw for him too--and he really likes it when people send him fanart.

You can vote for your favorites of the entries submitted in time for the contest in the polls here and here. You have to be a member of bleachness to vote. The popular polls will be open until June 9.

spartydragon ! Last call for chocolate!

Tags: food and love art contest
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