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Bleach manga 269 Things are getting hot, doncha think?

I was up until 2 a.m. last night waiting for spoilers and then up again around six thirty to check if the previous night's spoilers were true, and woo hoo, Kubo gave us another unexpected panel at the end. I can't stop speculating but after all the Arroniro speculation from fans far and wide, NO ONE predicted the end of that fight.

268 remains my favorite chapter of all time--so it was hard to follow, right? Ah no, the plot thickens and the characters twinkle.

Ichigo has walked right into Ulquiorra's private quarters! Ha Ha! I doubt there will be a fight but you never know. Ichigo could go ballistic because of Rukia's missing reiatsu. Renji already did, and I'm certain there will be lots of blood but I expect Renji (just intuition) to break Pinkcar's glasses and spit on his grave.

All rescuers accounted for except Ishida which at first made me think--he's going to get Orihime! While Ulqui is distracted by Ichigo. But then Noitra is still running around looking for a large reiatsu (methinks its still Ichigo). I think Noitra wants to fight Ulquiorra and prove himself the #1 Espada, but a Noitra/Ishida show-down would be excellent. Short range vs long range. I can see Ishida blocking that scythe with his bow and pulling out all the Quincy swords. Then again the new sexy servant was waking up the new Espada to tell him there was an intruder nearby? It could be Ishida vs Stark.

The most interesting development in this chappie is that there's SEXUAL ARRANCAR INSINUATION. At last, I've met an Arrancar (besides Ulqui) I can almost root for. Stark--he's handsome and laid back, like Shunsui. The little servant girl on top of him could be wildly underage or she could be a sexy little androgynous thing that I could write a fic about!

See, she's on top of him. And no lie, her name is Hally Berry.

The title of this chapter is "The End is Near"... oh how funny, Kubo-san. It'll be three months for us before we even have a clue about the end of this arc. Who do you think Ishida will fight or what will he do??
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