Vayshti (vayshti) wrote in bleachness,

Ichigo/Ishida Hurt Comfort (R)

Late to the Hurt/Comfort party, but better late than never, yes?

Loved all the recent Food/Love art entries! This piece kinda has both too.

Many thanks to _debbiechan_ for reading this raw, and nehalenia for being an awesome beta. All mistakes left are definitely mine.

Title: Bolt from the Blue
Author: vayshti
Characters: IchigoxIshida
Rating: R – boy-sexing: specifically headjob.
Word Count: 5858
Warning/spoilers: Future fic.
Disclaimer: These boys do not belong to me. I make no moniez.
Summary: What could possibly bring Ishida to the Kurosaki house uninvited?

So Ichigo was doing homework...
Tags: fanfic, ichigo, ishida, isshin
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