_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Is Kubo a Misogynist?

I've heard it for a while... The man doesn't let the girls fight much, he loves lesbians (but not BL), he's all about the boobage, and most recently, since Rukia was impaled and put through the worst emotional torture I've seen yet in the manga, one has to wonder...

Is he?

The accusation has been made of great artists before--Kundera, Phillip Roth, Picasso. It hardly matters to me if an artist threw his wife out the window or whatever as long as I appreciate his art.  Kubo loves boobs--so do I, so what's the big deal? Shounen are about boobs. May as well complain that Kubo-san loves bloody battles.

Five main characters, two girls. Two kidnappings--of the two girls, of course. Why?
Tags: kubo tite, misogyny
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