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Food'n Love Art Contest "eating Minazuki"

Hello there, I'm a lurker. No warning.

I'm a huge fan of Unohana and Minazuki- I hope they don't count as one person D:
At one occasion, Unohana pats Minazuki, so I think they have a nice relationship?!

The displayed cake is a japanese dish called "Minazuki". One eats it at June the 30th, as a part of summer purification rituals, to prepare the worshipper for the summer ahead. The adzuki beans have powers to drive away evil 8D. Aaand Minazuki is also the old name for the month june. Like Unohana for may. So, yeah... yackety-yak
the sky is taken from a photo and the cake is a collage.
PS. Unohana is supposed to look scary 8B

Edit: Thanks for aaaall the comments! It's awesome when people enjoy it!
Here are some links, if it interests someone: the traditional japanese month names and Minazuki the dish
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